Environment, OV-320-2

In this segment we will be visiting the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida as they conduct their

Women and the Arts, OV-320-1

This segment will be focusing on women and the arts. These women are advancing their art form and

Loxahatchee, OV-319-1

The Seminole wars are remembered today as one of the bloodiest and longest lasting wars in American and Seminole History. The people of the everglades and runaway slaves that fought beside them laid their lives on the line for peace. At the recently discovered Loxahatchee Battle field in Jupiter Florida spectators and re-enactors come together

Indigenous Rhythms: Los Plateros, OV-319-4

Originally from Tohajiilee, New Mexico, Los Plateros is made up of a trio of family members from the Navajo Nation. The lead guitarist, Levi has been front man for this group utilizing his exceptional guitar skills since he was 12 years old. With over 280 performances since 2005, their identity as one of the most

Historic House of Doc Thomas, OV-319-3

Life in the city can at times be disconnected and fast paced. Hidden among the hustle and bustle of developed South Miami remains an oasis where one can slow down, reconnect, and enjoy both the history and native ecology of this place we call home. Adjacent to Sunset Place Mall on Sunset Road remains a

Spoken Word: OV-318-5

“LIFE” Performed by Denise Mcarthur For More Info: www.MiccosukeeMagazine.tv