Environment, OV-320-2

In this segment we will be visiting the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida as they conduct their anual Everglades water quality study. This is something they have been doing for the past 30 years. We will then head over to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden followed by the Zen Village with Master Chufei Tsai.

Loxahatchee, OV-319-1

The Seminole wars are remembered today as one of the bloodiest and longest lasting wars in American and


For far too long, we, the public, have put up with mediocrity, apathy, and allowed special interests to dictate the course of Everglades Restoration. The Everglades is suffering from a lack of community participation. As Marjory Stoneman Douglas used to say, “What are YOU doing to Save the Everglades?” We met one concerned gentleman, who

Indigenous Rhythms: Los Plateros, OV-319-4

Originally from Tohajiilee, New Mexico, Los Plateros is made up of a trio of family members from the Navajo Nation. The lead guitarist, Levi has been front man for this group utilizing his exceptional guitar skills since he was 12 years old. With over 280 performances since 2005, their identity as one of the most

Miami Heat Rally, OV-318-3

If you didn’t know, the Miccosukee Tribe is a big supporter of The Miami Heat. Join us as we rally and celebrate the success of the Miami Heat team. />Let’s Go Heat!!!!! For More Info: www.MiccosukeeMagazine.tv

Pine Rocklands, OV-318-2

This place we call home was once a habitat for a wide diversity of colorful life. The rock ridge upon which we built our homes on was once flourishing with Pine Rockland forests. Pine Rocklands are today the most endangered ecosystem in South Florida and require a certain flame to keep them alive. For More